Bellini      5.85

Prosecco with Peach Puree

Rossini       5.85

Prosecco with Strawberry Puree

Hugo          6.45

Prosecco, Elderflower Cordial, Soda, Fresh Mint

Orange Blossom      6.45

Gin del Professore, Orange Juice, Orange Bitter, Honey

Sgroppino         6.45

Eristoff Vodka, Lemon or Orange Sorbet, Prosecco

 Negroni         6.75

Malfy Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari

Red Passion         6.25

Eristoff Vodka, Passoa, Cranberry Juice, Amaretto

Amaretto Iced Tea         7.45

Amaretto, Eristoff Vodka, Bacardi, Bombay Gin,

Triple Sec with either Coke or San Pellegrino Aranciata

Whisky & Apple Sour         6.45

Maker’s Mark Whisky, Italian Apple Vodka, Ginger Syrup, Lemon Juice

Aperol Smash         6.95

Aperol, Eristoff Vodka, Orange Bitter, Grapefruit Bitter, Lemon Juice, Grapes, Mint, Orange

 Aperol or Campari Spritz   6.95

Prosecco with Aperol or Campari


Italian Orange & Lemonade      3.00

Orange Juice, San Pellegrino Limonata, Fresh Lemon

Apricot Fizz       3.50

Apricot Juice, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Orgeat Syrup, Soda Water

Elderflower & Apple         3.75

Elderflower Cordial, Apple Juice, Soda Water, Fresh Lime and Mint

BIRRE & CIDRO – Beers & Cider

Moretti                              4.6%      330ml  3.90

Peroni Red Label             4.7%      330ml   3.90

Menabrea                        5.0%       330ml    3.80

Menabrea Amber          5.0%      330ml    4.10

Peroni Gran Riserva       6.6%      330ml   4.25

Moretti La Rossa             7.2%      330ml    4.25

Moretti Siciliana              5.5%      500ml   6.00

Citrus flavours of Sicily with an intense floral aroma

Moretti Toscana          5.5%     500ml   6.00

Strong, with a chestnut aroma and scents of dry herbs and pine

Moretti Zero          0%        330ml  2.50

Alcohol Free Beer

Peroni Nastro Azzurro GF  5.1% 330ml   4.25

Gluten Free Beer

Mela Rossa Cider      5%   300ml      3.80

Crisp and frsh, with crunchy apple flavours and a refreshing lightly sparkling style. Serve as an Aperitif or alongside light italian cuisine.

SPUMANTI – Sparkling Wines             125ml   500ml

Glera Frizzante, Cantina Colli Euganei         4.50     16.95

Pale yellow in colour. A light, fresh wine that has a nicely-balanced structure.

                                                                          125ml    Bottle

Galanti Prosecco Extra Dry                         4.95       25.00

Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds the typical fruit spectrum of apple and pear with a hint of peach.

Galanti Spumante Rose           25.00

Light, carnation-pink coloured rosé with generous raspberry and strawberry fruit both on the nose and palate.

Franciacorta Cuvee Brut NV, Bellavista               50.00

It has a lively and persitent mousse with fine perlage. It is an attractive pale yellow in colour, with green reflections. Perfumes of white flowers and stone fruits, with subtle hints of vanilla, which follow through on to the palate. Fine, elegant yet rounded and beautifully balanced.

VINI ROSATI – Rose Wines  175ml    250ml    500ml    Bottle

Pinot Grigio Rosato delle Venezie, Vinuva 4.75       6.75       13.50     19.25

A delicate pink wine full of fresh, summer-fruit aromas and flavours. Made using pink-skinned Pinot Grigio grapes from the Venezie wine region

Zinfandel Rose, Solstice           4.45       6.65       13.25    18.95

Coral pink, with juicy, sweet, red fruit flavours and a pinch of spice

Chiaretto di Bardolino, Bolla             23.45

A beautiful coral-pink wine, made using Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes which are left in contact with the juice for only 12 hours. Shows developed cherry fruit and floral aromas on the fresh dry palate.

VINI BIANCHI – White Wines 175ml    250ml    500ml    Bottle

Inzolia Sicilia, Borsari             4.10      5.75       11.45     17.50                                          

The Inzolia grape is indigenous to Sicily where it produces a delicious, light herbal and lemon aroma with peachy flavour.

Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie, Vinuva 4.75       6.75       13.25     19.45

Delicately flavored with notes of green apple and pear, the palate shows a hint of sweetness making this wine just off-dry.

Sauvignon Blanc, Solstice       4.90      6.85       13.45     19.75      

This soft, easy-drinking Sauvignon is sourced from the south-east of the Veneto region shows attractive gooseberry flavours which are typical of the variety.

Frascati Superiore, Fontana Candida          20.95     

Delicate wild flowers, hawthorn and apple blossom aromas are followed by a soft, apple and almond-fruited palate; very approachable and fresh.

Soave Classico, Bolla         20.95

The traditional Garganega grape is blended with the rare, but highly-prized, Trebbiano di Soave which enhances both the fruit and aroma of the finished blend. Dry with a soft acidity and a rounded pear, melon and almond notes.

Malvasia Del Salento, Feudi Salentini         23.95

Fashioned from hand-harvested Malvasia grapes, from vineyards around Taranto, about half way up the ‘heel’ of Italy. Straw-yellow with golden hints; it shows tropical and grapey fruit flavours, with notes of almond, apricot and blossom. The palate is off-dry with honeyed fruit and a fresh finish.

Vermentino di Sardegna, La Cala, Sella & Mosca  27.95

Produced from 100% Vermentino, a grape variety that has been grown on the island of Sardinia for hundreds of years and is at home in the warm Mediterranean climate. Early harvesting of some of the grapes and drying them in the sun, helps increase the concentration of flavours. Unoaked, the wine shows typical aromatic herb and lemon zest notes on the light and refreshing finish.

Gavi di Gavi D.O.C.G, Enrico Serafino        30.95

Unoaked, the wine spends a little time on its lees to develop a rich+er mouth-feel. Pale straw-yellow,the wine shows floral and citrus aromas, with a minerally, dry palate.

Pecorino Superiore D’Abruzzo, Fontefico     34.95    

Made from 100% Pecorino, a variety that was near extinction until it was re-established in the 1980s. This example is very typical of the variety, being highly concentrated, with plenty of alcohol backing up the fruit. On the nose, there are notes of balsam, chamomile and apple blossom; followed by citrus, such as grapefruit. The palate shows a savoury note, alongside exotic tropical fruit, such as mango and finally almond.

VINI ROSSI – Red Wines  175ml  250ml  500ml  Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon delle Venezie, Borsari  4.10       5.75       11.45     17.50

Bright, soft berry-fruits with juicy damsons, a smooth, easy going red.

Montepulciano D’abruzzo, Collezione Marchesini 4.50      6.35       12.50     17.95 

The Montepulciano grape grown on the hills along the Adriatic coast around Pescara and Chieti produces a rich red wine with spicy fruit and firm tannins.

Shiraz Sicilia, Solstice       4.70         6.55       12.95     18.95             

A softer style of this spicy, full flavoured grape, that thrives in the Sicilian sun. Ripe, light and lively.

Chianti Celsus, Trambusti      4.85    6.80       13.45     19.95       

Bright, ruby-red wine with its distinctive herbaceous and red fruit aromas. The blend is 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo Nero, a black-skinned Tuscan grape that was the main constituent of Chianti up until the late 19th century.

Merlot del Lazio Togale, Fontana Candida      20.45

A deep, ruby-red wine with a cherry and plum character. It gets the briefest period of oak ageing in large barriques which softens the palate.

Dolcetto D’alba, I Siglati, Cantina Sant’Orsola  21.95

A wine that is both full-bodied and yet soft. The Dolcetto grape produces wines which are rich in flavour and very drinkable, even when young.

Primitivo del Salento, Feudi Salentini             22.95

The grape variety Primitivo, is almost certainly named after the Italian term ‘primo’, meaning first, due to the precocity of its biological cycle from flowering to the grapes ripening.  It has an elegant ruby-red colour and an intense aroma, with notes of ripe plum, cherry jam, tobacco leaf and cocoa, followed by notes of white pepper spice.

Montefalco Rosso, Napolini      24.95

Ruby-red with amber highlights, reflecting the maturity gained from a year’s ageing in Slavonian oak barrels. The nose is quite intense with woodland berry fruit and savoury and spice notes; full-bodied, the tannins blend with developed fruit flavours to a smooth finish.

Barbera D’Asti, Enrico Serafino   27.95

Barbera harvested from the hills, in the central region of Piemonte, around the town of Asti is employed to make this ruby-red, fresh and red-fruited wine. It was aged for about six months in large oak barrels to soften and integrate the tannins.

Barolo, Il Bastione            43.95

Intense garnet red, with a typical violet and rose scented aroma. Aged for three years in large oak barrels, it has smooth tannins and concentrated, developed savoury fruit flavours.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Bolla    70.00

A blend of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes, matured in oak barrels for three years and a further year in bottle. Dark ruby-red with garnet rim and an ample complex perfume of black cherry, prune, raisin and cedar spice with balsamic hints and a long, elegant finish.